Classroom Visitations Body-conscious Mom

Classroom Visitations Body-conscious Mom Hitomi Tanaka - mdyd895

There's confusion in classroom during visitations son's parents... especially if there is busty mom Hitomi Tanaka wearing skin-tight clothes mother-in-law!

Mama Dresses Like A Slut for Parent's Day Special Compilation starring Hitomi. Hitomi plays mother to a student and when they have parent’s day she decides to see what looks she can get from the parents and students. Hitomi shows up in a really slutty outfit and it’s not long before a student takes a liking to her. Despite Hitomi not being too interested she knows that ultimately this is what she wanted and comes back for more. The video is two hours long.
Hitomi’s performance is rather average here. Big tits Hitomi Tanaka was decent at keeping her voice down in the first scene when she was fucking the guy outside the classroom. She had some good facial expressions when she wasn’t too thrilled about it, particularly as she was expressing she didn’t want to do it. That being said, it completely felt like Hitomi wanted everything that happened, so her performance felt a bit at odds. I feel like they needed her to own the idea and to be dominant here. It just seems so odd for her to be excited about the possibilities while wearing such a slutty outfit and then not enjoying herself. Outside of that I just felt like it was typical of early Hitomi. It wasn’t great and I wasn’t impressed but I didn’t hate it.
The content here was fairly good. Hitomi did have some nice outfits on, from the black and pink dresses to the see-through top at the end. These outfits played out very nicely and really emphasized her body well. Big tits Hitomi Tanaka The first black dress really made her tits seem so huge when concealed in it. In the pink dress scene there was a moment where the top couldn’t even contain her tits and as one spilled out from it you really got a sense of how big her tits were. I also quite enjoyed them keeping the top on with the oil in the final scene. The oil made it see-through so you could still enjoy her breasts, while keeping it on made them jiggle together nicely. It’s like when Hitomi’s on her back and uses her arms to keep her breasts together. Huge Hitomi’s tits jiggling all around as they do during sex is always enjoyable and that’s what you get here.

Classroom Visitations Body-conscious Mom

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